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Welcome to Ms. Sheena Tutors!

With 6 years of experience in the Maui Public School system Ms. Sheena is passionate about helping children build skills and learning techniques. Ms. Sheena tutors students from Kindergarten through High School in a range of subjects. A customized plan is developed with each student complete with learning materials and benchmarks to track progress.

There are two types of tutoring available:

Homework Help

Homework help uses the assignments from the students teacher to set the tutoring curriculum. Work includes the homework as well as more in depth versions of the same problems with basic skill review and support.

Fees: $25 per hour

Custom Curriculum

A custom curriculum is built by Ms. Sheena and all assignments are created specifically for each student. This is ideal for students who are significantly behind in a subject or for students that are currently in a non-classroom learning environment like homeschooling.

Fees: $25 per hour

Teaching Methods

Common Core

Ms Sheena teaches all public school students in accordance with Hawaii State Common Core standards using her own custom curriculums and resources. Scaffolding is used to help students both build skills as well as identify any “gaps” in their understanding.


Ms. Sheena tutors in elementary math and foundational skills; Pre-Algebra; Pre-Geometry; Algebra I, II, and III; and Geometry. A heavy emphasis is placed on number sense, mental math, mathematic reasoning, and real-world applications. Kids get to use their math in fun projects and games.


Ms. Sheena uses a variety of reading strategies including reading out loud, listening to samples of poor reading skills, acting out passages, building vocabulary, and storytelling. The whole body is used including learning acting and voice drills to support and build expressive reading skills. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves with support and learn to use resources appropriately to provide clarity and deepen understanding.

Writing and Composition

Ms. Sheena encourages using subjects students are passionate about to build better writing and composition skills. Acting and vocal exercises support vocabulary and figurative language building. Structured writing is taught with debates, descriptive stories, outline introduction and practice, and much more.


Email ms.sheenateaches@gmail.com for availability information or to be placed on the waitlist.