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What is vocal training?

Vocal training is the process of understanding how the voice works and improving its many qualities. Unlike voice lessons that teach how to sing specific songs, vocal training covers everything from proper breathing technique to understanding the resonance chamber and so much more.

Vocal training is crucial for young voices because it doesn't force any specific singing technique or style which allows for flexibility as their young voices change. It also can avoid exposing their delicate vocal cords to unnecessary strain which can cause problems later in life from vocal nodes and limited range, to chronic laryngitis and throat pain.

Proper vocal technique is the key to a healthy voice for your entire life. Whether its public speaking, singing in church, or becoming a professional vocalist, learning how the voice works is beneficial for everyone!


$25 per hour for hour long sessions


Ms Sheena teaches beginner piano to students of all ages using the Bastien method. All materials are provided including weekly practices logs, advanced songs, and all books.


$25 per hour for hour long sessions                                                          Interested?

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