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Welcome to Ms. Sheena Teaches Yoga!

Ms. Sheena is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor who specializes in teaching children. Little Body Yoga was developed by Ms. Sheena to address a child's need to improve focus and strength, and to keep their flexibility while teaching them how to safely challenge their bodies. Comprised of yoga games, pose sequences that build throughout the quarter, and upbeat music, Little Body Yoga is fun for kids of any age!

Little Body Yoga @ Pomaikai Elementary School

Class is open to any child ages 5-12 that is a resident of Maui

Fee: $50 per quarter ($100 per quarter for any child that wants to attend both classes)

1st Quarter Classes Open Soon!

Wednesdays August 9th  thru October 4th

 1st Class                                 2nd Class

12:30 to 1:15pm                              1:30 to 2:15pm

Sign Up Here!

Come see Ms. Sheena at Pomaikai’s Back to School Night

Thursday August 3rd

For sign up information and more!

Adult Classes

There are no current adult classes being offered but private individual/group sessions are available.

This link leads to an outside website